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What can CRM do for my company?Customer Relationship Managament

In short, a well-implemented CRM system can help improve the focus and efficiency of your company in its relationships with its customers thereby increasing sales, reducing costs and improving profitability. CRM is a multi-faceted approach to customer relations and not all companies either need or choose to involve themselves in every aspect of tbe technology, electing rather to deploy only those elements that bring direct benefit to their organisation. The following sections provide a little more detail on the most common aspects of CRM.

Sales-force Automation

The fundamental aim of a CRM system in respect of your sales team is to make it easier for them to sell. By providing them with the information they need, in a centralised location that is accessible to them whatever their location (Office, Home, Laptop, PDA), CRM allows them to spend more time selling.

Centralising the store of contacts makes it easier to profile those companies, helping you to spot trends, plan campaigns and identify targets. Simply making it easier for everyone in the company to find and contact the people they need to, will reap dividends in time and efficiency.

Finally, by providing a central repository for all sales related activity, sales forecasting and reporting becomes more immediate and accurate.

Marketing Automation

A centralised database of sales contacts makes planning marketing campaigns a much simpler process. More importantly, by centralising the management of those campaigns it becomes much easier to analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns that you run, helping you reduce the cost of and improve the return on future campaigns.

All major CRM systems include a raft of tools that make it quick and easy to identify a group of targets and to create and despatch high-quality e-mails, letters or faxes. Many will also help you automate the gathering of responses and the distribution of follow-up information, all of which together can make the execution of a marketing campaign a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Customer Support Automation

In many cases the true benefit of a CRM system comes not in an increase in sales but in improving the quality of the service you are able to offer your customers. Improvements in this area can bring dual benefits, namely a reduction in the cost of supporting customers and improved customer retention brought about by the perceived quality of that service.

CRM in the customer service area of a business will provide a framework that unites the skills of the entire company in servicing customer requests as accurately and effriciently as possible. Many CRM systems provide workflow capabilities which help automate responses to customer requests ensuring that employees with the correct skills are deployed on a customer issue at the right time and with the latest information to hand.

Finally by processing all customer calls in a centralised system, CRM users can develop a knowledge-base of customer and product issues making it easier and therefore cheaper to deal with similar issues in the future.

Business Intelligence

Whatever the market conditions, in order to succeed modern businesses must be able to identify and adapt to change increasingly quickly. A major benefit of centralising company activity around a core CRM system is that trend analysis and reporting becomes a mcuh simpler and more effective process.


Sage CRM v7
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